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Lunch & Dinner Menu **

Need to leave the kids during lunch or dinner and need a meal provided for them? No problem! For a small additional charge of $5.00 per child we can provide a meal for your child/children and take care of one more thing that you won't have to worry about. We also provide snacks and juice in the morning, afternoon, and evening (weekends) and carefully follow any dietary guidelines provided. You are also free to provide a meal for your children. Please note that we do not allow peanut products due to severe allergy risks. All children need to be able to feed themselves. We also cannot cook or heat food of any type (including bottles) so please plan accordingly.

All meals are $5 and come with Milk or Juice.


Panera Bread

Organic American cheese and your choice of ham, turkey or roast beef on White Whole Grain bread.



Mini Sub: Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef or Veggie. Apples or Chips. Juice, Milk or Chocolate Milk


J&S New York Style Pizza

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza


Hwy 55

Various items from their menu


Papa John’s

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza


Papa John’s

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza


Papa John’s

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

**Menu is subject to change. Depending on the number of children eating we may order pizza.

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